Your Questions About Law School Study Aids

Lizzie asks…

Where is a good place to find law school study aids for cheap?

admin answers:

You could look online at places like amazon and buy used ones. You could also just check them out from the library. You couldn’t write in them but you could photocopy the test sections to take them.

Robert asks…

What is the best law school study aid?

What is the best law school study aid for having scenarios? I am looking at guides for contracts and civ pro. I already have examples and explanations. Contracts exam is finding issues and discussing them.

admin answers:

Ask 2 & 3Ls at your school. As you’re probably aware, there are 5-10 different study aids out there for each subject and some are better than others for each subject. People from your school will know best which ones work for the professor and teaching theory of the school. Keep in mind that if you want to (and are allowed to) use them for the exam you may want something different than if you just want to supplement your class reading & outlines.

Generally I’ve found the Amazon reviews to be pretty spot-on. Your school probably has copies of all the major ones in the library or student center, so it might be worth looking at them first before you buy one. Also consider borrowing some from your 2 & 3L friends so you don’t have to spend the money – they’re not going to need them until the bar anyway.

Sandra asks…

Law school Study aid for Uniform Commercial Code?

I’m trying to find an outline or review book for my U.C.C class. So far I’ve only used the Emanuel series, but they don’t seem to offer one. Unless Secured Transactions is supposed to be the same subject.

any help and recommendations would be appreciated.

admin answers:

For pity’s sake, just use the Code and notes, plus your class notes and your own outline! UCC is NOT that difficult! Save your money.

John asks…

Law School. How early should I get study aids? Do I know what?

aids to get as soon I get the assigned case book or, do I only know what study aids are relevant once the course is under way and I get a sense of where the professor is going.

In general, is there a way to ascertain definitively what study aid to purchase and when should that purchase be made?

admin answers:

The E&E series are very good, along with the Green Hornbook series. You might want to do some looking though, some of the study aids are keyed for specific textbooks (so I hear). Those are probably better than the general study aids (But beware!).

The general consensus, however, is that the E&E (Examples and Explanations) are the best.

Donna asks…

Obtain citizenship/Green Card after graduating law school?

I want to study law in the U.S, but to me it seems as obtaining permanent residency is extremely hard.

But I’ve heard that when one lives in the U.S for more than 5 years in a stretch, they are eligble to apply for citizenship. Would this be possible if staying seven years on a student visa?

And considering law school will be nearly 10 times more expensive in the U.S than it would be for me at home, are there a lot of financial aid programs for foreign students?

admin answers:

A requirement for a student visa is the financial capability of paying tuition, room and board, etc.

A student visa is a temporary visa, and does not convey permanent immigrant status. However, many upon completing their degrees, are sponsored by a prospective employer.

The five-year requirement for naturalization applies to legal permanent residents only. It is shortened to 3 years when married to a US citizen.

Your best option might be to attend law school in your home nation, then seek employment with a US law firm who could sponsor you.

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