Your Questions About Accredited Online Law School Programs

Joseph asks…

Has anyone graduated from Westwood college’s criminal justice program and is now working in law enforcement?

Not the online program. I am talking about attending their 3 year in-class program for a bachelors degree in criminal justice.
There have been a lot of negative comments about the school, but when I called my local police and sheriff’s departments, they said Westwood was on the list of accredited schools.

admin answers:

I used to work for WW but i quit because of the ethics. I am not sure about graduating students. I am sure there has been some. Now the one thing i will let you know is that they are a nationally accredited school, which is fine if you stay and graduate. I know the CJ program is very hands on. However if you decide that you would like to transfer out, or try and transfer credits in you are not going to get anywhere. My suggestion for CJ is to go to your local college. There is no sense for you to spend $80, 000 on a CJ degree. If you choose to further your education into a masters program you may not get in to a masters program with the 80k bachelor degree you have obtained. You never know where the future can bring you.

Donald asks…

Degree/Grad school question?

With the abundance if online degree programs from accredited schools now abundantly available, are grad schools (i.e., med, law, business schools) still looking down their noses at an online degree and laughingly and outright dismissing them, or will it hold enough weight at admissions to get an interview (provided, of course, that the grades are on a competitive scale with other applicants)?

admin answers:

Depends on the online school and whether it is regionally and nationally accredited or not. The school I am going to is accredited by the same organization that accredits Columbia, Princeton, NYU etc… So…

Donna asks…

Should I pursue my second bachelors in health care administration or get my MHA?

I graduated in December 2010 with my Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice with a business minor. My plan was to go into corporate law, but during my last two semesters of my undergrad, I started thinking about whether or not law school was really for me. After thinking for some time, I decided to pursue my Masters in Healthcare Administration. I have applied to the University of Phoenix but I am also open to other programs in Savannah, GA or other accredited online programs. My other dilemma is whether it would be beneficial for me to get a second bachelors in health care administration and then go into the masters program or just pursue my masters. I am not sure if there is a monetary difference in having your bachelors in health care administration or the MHA.

Another bit of information, I currently work at one of the colleges in Savannah, I am a full time staff member, and beginning in the summer, the state/university would pay for my classes. So there lies the question of would it be smarter to have my tuition paid for or just use student loans? I am also torn between attending the University of Phoenix or going to a traditional 4 year school.

I know what I want to do in life, I just don’t know the proper direction I should take. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

-Confused yet driven…

admin answers:

Well, you have a few things going on here. First, I would choose the MHA Degree rather than a second bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration. Most MHA graduates do not have an undergraduate background in one specific area or another. So in my opinion, the undergraduate curriculum does not matter.

Second, since the school will be paying for your degree, I understand why you are looking at an online program. Online programs are great, but make sure you do your research. With an MHA, the school does matter. University of Phoenix would not be bad if you already had been working in healthcare, however if not then you need to look at the best online schools. Here is a list of great online MHA programs.

Penn State:
Ohio University:
University of Cincinnati:
George Washington MBA in Healthcare:

However, since you are in Savannah, you might have some nearby options for residential programs.

Armstrong Atlantic:
Georgia Southern:
Medical Univ. SC:
A bit farther but evening and weekend classes might be an option.

I will say this, online and residential programs are very different. In the residential format, you will meet many other people who can connect you in the industry whether they are students, professors, or guest speakers. However, online programs are very flexible and arguably there are better (ranking wise) online programs that are available rather than the programs in your area. I hope this helps as I had to go through almost the exact same situation two years ago!

Laura asks…

How to tell if a college bachelor’s program is transfer accredited?

I’m going to enroll in Sacramento State’s (In CA) Online college program for working adults. I’ve asked my advisor from that school if this online program (which is an extension of the CSU itself) is fully accredited, because after my bachelor’s, I want to go to law school, which requires a bachelor’s degree for entry. She said it is, and that its accreditation comes from the WASC. The program is called Sacramento State’s College of Continuing Education. Can ANYONE confirm that if I go through this program, it’s bachelor’s degree IS acceptable for entry into law school?
I ask because I’d like a second opinion.

admin answers:

The best confirmation would come directly form WASC, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Email them.

Nancy asks…

Stressing out about my chances at getting into a good school. I feel so… average.?

So I’m stressing because I am feeling pretty average when it comes to the applicant pool for top tier schools.
I have a 4.0 unweighted GPA, a 4.76 weighted GPA, 33 on the ACT, 770 on the math level 2 and 730 on the bio SAT.
I took 5 AP classes last year (junior year) and I am taking another 6 this year (senior year). I have also taken 4 classes at my local community college (differential equations, multi-variable calc, linear algebra, and abnormal psychology).
I go to an accredited online high school and I also take some classes at stanford’s educational program for gifted youth.
As for extracurriculars I interned in a law firm last year, went to india and cambodia for volunteer work this past summer, volunteered in the hosp and a suicide hotline, I have coached girls soccer, and I played soccer for 2yrs of high school. I am also writing a research paper for college board’s YES competition.
I’m african american.
I applied to MIT early action but I was deferred :(
I knew it would be tough but I guess the deferral put a semi-major blow to my ego/self esteem and I am not feeling too confident about getting into other good colleges. I feel like everyone in the applicant pool has 4.0 GPAs and 36 on the ACT. I know it is hard.. but I’m nervous.. any helpful words?
The only stand-out-ish thing about me is that I spent the end of the my freshman year and my entire sophomore year in the hospital and I was in DSS (the system.. foster care). I have worked really hard to catch up and graduate on time (this is why I go to an online high school) but I feel like I haven’t done enough.
I know that I’m not average when it comes to the nation wide number of students applying to college but I feel pretty average when it comes to applying to top tier schools.
science/engineering is where my heart has always been
more ‘social’ work like volunteering has been an affect of my time in DSS and the hospital.. I’m just trying to let people, who are in a similar position as I was, know that they are not alone and can make it through.
Thank you everyone. I guess I just needed some help feeling a bit better about myself.

admin answers:

The top tier schools get far more qualified applicants than they can accept and many of the applicants will have stats that are equal or exceed yours.

That does not mean that you will not get accepted. MIT deferral may have been a blow but it was not a denial. Early Action is not the same as Early Decision. Early Action is MUCH, MUCH more competitive then the regular process. You are still in the running and if you were not strong, you would have been denied.

You are a strong candidate and are likely to be accepted at more than one of your top choices.

Hang in there, your hard work did not go to waste.

Good Luck!

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