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 The Law School Bible

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   Table of Contents  



Chapter 1: Can You Really Become A Lawyer


Chapter 2: Traditional vs. Alternative Routes


Chapter 3: Attending Foreign Accredited Law Schools


Chapter 4: Foreign Distance-Learning Law Degrees


Chapter 5: U.S. Distance-Learning Law Degrees


Chapter 6: Attending U.S. Unaccredited Law Schools

Chapter 7: Lawyer Apprenticeship Programs


Chapter 8: Practice Law in Other States


Chapter 9 Practice Law In Other Countries


  Chapters Listed Below Will Be Available Online Soon


Chapter 10 Financing Your Legal Education


Appendix A List of U.S. Bar Associations


Appendix B List of Foreign Bar Associations


Appendix C List of U.S. LLM Programs


Appendix D Other Resources


Appendix E List of Law Degrees




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