Online Law School: A Real Option?

Online Law School

online law schoolThere is a wide variety of online law school degree programs available today. This is due to the rapid growth and revolutionary advances in the Internet. Notwithstanding, legal education is as slow to change as the law itself in an inherently a conservative system in which decisions determined by examining past precedent. Because of this deference to the past, online law schools are still being unfairly criticized and are not yet fully accepted or integrated into traditional ranking systems. While the quality of an online law school education is certainly open to one’s opinion, it is my opinion that graduates of many non traditional law schools and criminal justice programs undergo the same grueling curriculum as their counterparts in brick and mortar law schools.

Online Law School is the Future

Nowadays, a number of distance-learning law schools such as Concord Law School are becoming as prestigious as ABA approved law schools. There are several states that do not require you to attend an ABA approved law school to take the bar exam. Of course, if you are fortunate enough to have been accepted by an ABA approved law school and you have a choice to go to an online law school instead, I would generally favor attending the traditional law program. But for some the choice may not be that easy. When you factor in the low cost and sheer convenience, the Internet law school model is quite attractive. Another outstanding benefit is that there is no need for you to resign from your present job just to fulfill your dream to become a lawyer. And, as an added bonus, the LSAT exam is generally not required.

Online Law School v. Traditional Programs

As compared to a traditional ABA approved schools, an online law school is generally less expensive. This is because the Internet law school does not need to spend on a campus and infrastructure. But rest assured, if you choose a good online law school, you will be in a real law school and you will need to work extremely hard to make it through to graduation. Many online law schools have outstanding professors as members of the faculty. And since your lessons will be delivered online via video, audio and chat rooms, you can study anywhere you want and anywhere your situation requires you to. You may also be happy to learn that many online law school degree programs have flexible school hours which means less disruption to your way of life.

If you’re thinking about becoming a lawyer you should look to all available options—consider an online law school.

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