Law School Requirements

The Basic Law School Requirements in the United States

law school requirementsAre you aspiring to become a lawyer but are unsure of the law school requirements? If so, by now you may have already started preparing yourself to get into a law school. The legal profession these days is more and more in demand. Lawyers often play a very vital in many aspects of life. Banking, insurance, education, business and health care couldn’t operate without the help of attorneys. For you to enter the legal profession, you must plan ahead. To be accepted to a law school, you need to comply with all the law school requirements.

Earning a law degree normally takes three or four years of hard work and dedication in law school. In most cases you must first have an undergraduate degree—although many distance-learning law schools require only 60 college credits.  Once admitted, in completing the coursework to become a lawyer, you will need to work extremely in order to graduate.

The first thing with law school requirements are the prerequisites:

If you’re looking to attend an ABA approved law school, you must be a graduate with a four-year degree from a accredited college or university. Candidates should have an excellent undergraduate GPA.

You also have to take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). And you must score high in order to be seriously considered for admission. The LSAT is said, among other things, to test your ability in reading, comprehension, information management and critical thinking. When you are applying for a law school, go for a law school you really want, but be realistic too. Some ABA schools are very competitive. It takes years of full time study to complete a law degree. Some schools offer dual classes like evening, weekend and part time programs.

You can also consider looking into an online law school or correspondence law school, but make sure their graduates are eligible to sit for a bar exam if you plan to become a licensed attorney.

Selection requirements for applicants vary from one law school to another and even from one state to another. For example, California law schools offer a diverse range of legal education programs including Internet law school programs. The aforementioned law school requirements are just a few of the basic things you should be aware of—good luck.

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