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Frequently Asked Questions About The Law School Bible

1. What are some of the cold hard law school admission facts and common obstacles to obtaining a traditional law school education and becoming a lawyer, and how can I overcome them?

Here are the major barriers:

law school admissionCompletion of Bachelor’s Degree – Most traditional law schools require you to have a Bachelors Degree as a prerequisite to enrollment. Many alternative law schools will admit students with an associates degree or with little or no prior college at all.

High Grade Point Average (GPA) Requirements – Let’s face it, once your GPA is established, you’re pretty much stuck with it. Traditional law schools consider your GPA a major factor in determining eligibility for admission. Alternative law school admission offices, on the other hand, are often much more flexible and will look beyond this and give you a chance to prove you can make it.

High Law School Admission Test (LSAT) Scores – This is another huge barrier for some. Strange as it may seem, some of the brightest people around just don’t do well on standardized exams like the LSAT – but with traditional law schools, the LSAT is the cornerstone of the admissions process. Rarely, if ever, are students admitted with substandard LSAT scores. Alternative law schools almost never rely on the LSAT in determining your eligibility for enrollment.

Law School Admission Committees – Here again, traditional law schools sometimes require a face-to-face interview and/or admissions essays. You have one chance to present yourself in the best possible light; under such intense pressure some candidates just don’t perform at their best – and never get a second chance. Alternative law schools rarely have face-to-face interviews or essay requirements for admissions. Even those alternative law schools that do have such requirements, place less emphasis on interview results than traditional law schools.

High Tuition – Many traditional law schools cost as much as $25,000.00 to $35,000.00 per year. Alternative law schools generally cost less than $5,000 per year and most offer financing-some are eligible for deferred federal student loans.

2. What a Non-Traditional or Alternative Law School Admission?

An non-traditional or alternative law school admission is one that provides legal education by distance learning, Internet, correspondence or, may even include law schools that have a physical location and classroom attendance. However, these law schools generally have more relaxed rules of admission and typically will not require a standardized admissions examination such as the LSAT.

3. Is it possible to become a practicing lawyer completely by distance learning?

Absolutely, in fact, The Law School Bible author, Peter Loughlin, and many others have done just that. You can also attend classes if you prefer, the choice is yours.

4. Is the study load easier with a distance-learning law school?

Dream on. You have to know from the start that the study of law in any environment will be extremely difficult and requires hard work and persistence.

5. How expensive are alternative law schools?

By and large, you will find most of the programs listed in The Law School Bible to be quite affordable when compared to the cost of traditional law programs.

6. Can I really get accepted to a non-traditional law school?

While each individual law school establishes its own particular admissions requirements, many alternative law schools will give you an opportunity to prove your ability, even if you don’t have a bachelors-or even an associates degree. This gives you the break you need. Once you’re enrolled, you’ll have to work hard to prove you’ve got what it takes, but if you persevere the reward will be well worth the effort.

What happens if I get rejected by every ABA approved law school admission office I apply for, are there still options for me?

Yes, there are many possible alternatives. You can enroll in certain non-American Bar Association (ABA) approved law school admission throughout the US, or you can even attend a foreign law school or study by correspondence or online courses for the Bar exam.

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