Law School Admissions Tips

Law School Admissions Overview

law school admissionsGetting into any law school is no easy task. And getting into a top ranked law school is an even more difficult one. It is important that you plan ahead and organize your approach to the law school admissions process before you ever file your application(s).

In considering the law school admissions process you have to bear in mind the old saying, “timing is everything”. You should not waste valuable time. Early planning will, at the very least, place you at a distinct advantage over your more procrastinating competitors. Many law school admissions’ committees favor those candidates who timely file their applications.

Preparing For Law School Admissions

You must prepare for the LSAT or Law School Admissions Test. Ideally you should enroll in an LSAT prep course or at least purchase workbooks or a good home study course. Take a multiple practice exams before you actually take the real test. A related matter of concern is the LSDAS or the Law School Data Assembly Service. This one is provided by the LSAC and, as with the LSAT, is required if you plan on attending an ABA approved law school. (This is generally not required if you will be enrolling in an online law school or correspondence law school). This service contains your LSAC result scores and letters of recommendation. Once you receive your LSAT scores you will have a better sense of the laws schools to which you have a realistic chance of being admitted.

Law School Admissions Process

Also as part of the law school admissions process; you will also need to consider writing your personal statement. Start working on this as early as you can. There are a variety of services online that can assist you with this important part of the application process. A well written personal statement provides a better chance to stand out from the crowd and will most definitely benefit from careful contemplation—and multiple revisions.

Bottom line: You cannot completely overcome low GPAs and LSAT scores, but assuming your academic background is generally sound and you have acceptable LSAT scores, advanced planning can give you an edge in law school admissions. If you’re successful, you’ll have an opportunity to prove in law school that you have all the requirements to become a lawyer.

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