How to Become a Lawyer

how to become a lawyerHow to Become a Lawyer?

This might be the question that’s been on your mind if you’ve ever dreamed of practicing law as a licensed practitioner. When asked, most people would immediately say that to become a lawyer, one needs hard work, planning, research, and perseverance. Although these factors are certainly essential, there are a number of steps and a few alternative strategies that should also be considered.

The first this is to acknowledge that completing a law degree, passing a bar exam and really learning how to become a lawyer is a difficult undertaking. This is so whether following the traditional path or an alternative such as an online law school or correspondence law school. Becoming an attorney will require a great deal of time and effort. And, if you are not prepared to invest the necessary time, effort, and money into the process, then you should really consider a different path. If you are not ready willing and able to completely dedicate yourself then you should not plan on becoming a lawyer—becoming an attorney is not for everyone. But if you know how to become a lawyer, that is, if you are willing to do whatever it takes and persevere to the end, the rewards of a legal career can be enormously gratifying.

How to Become a Lawyer – Strong Academic Foundation

While your high school performance is not much of a consideration to prospective law schools, high school is actually a basic part of the whole process. Your academic performance there will decide the college you attend and, to a large extent, how well you do in college. Your high school grades and SAT scores, etc. will dictate the college you attend. All of this will have an indirect impact on your law school options and opportunities. However, one of the most important steps in how to become a lawyer will be your accomplishments in college and, of course, your grade point average or GPA.

A frequent issue with some adults wanting to learn how to become a lawyer is that they have low GPAs because they failed to properly apply themselves in their college years. While law school admission committees do place a high value on a candidate’s college GPA, it is not the only factor and it may be possible to offset this glaring weakness. In addition, some
corresponsence law school programs and Internet law schools may be willing to give you an opportunity to prove yourself despite your poor academic record.

How to Become a Lawyer – Summary:

You generally must complete a Bachelor’s Degree—but there are exceptions. Next, you’ll need to research and apply to the law schools of your choice and, (I almost forgot the most important part), take the LSAT (Law School Admissions Test).

Scoring high on the LSAT is particularly important if you plan on attending a traditional ABA law school, however, many online law school programs do not require the LSAT. Once you successfully made it through the law school admissions process, you can then buckle down and begin your legal studies. If you work hard and graduate, in most states you must then pass the bar exam and demonstrate your good moral character before being admitted to the bar.

Know you know the basic steps of how to become a lawyer.

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