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Dear Prospective Lawyer:

I’m Peter Loughlin, attorney and author of The New Special Report: The Law School Bible. Like many of you I always wanted to be a lawyer, but was never able to overcome the many barriers and confusion surrounding the requirements to become a lawyer and a licensed member of the Bar. That is, until I discovered alternative paths into the legal profession.

I embarked on a quest to become a lawyer that opened my eyes to the fact that there was not only one way to become a lawyer, in fact there are a number of ways. But every time I asked State Bar officials about exactly how I could use these alternative methods I was scoffed at and told it couldn’t be done, period. Fortunately for me I refused to take no for an answer and eventually broke “the code” and joined the ranks of practicing attorneys.

My Friends and Family Had to Beg Me to Write this Special Report

While all my research was made with one thing in mind, that is, to help me become an attorney, it has long been my feeling that many others, (perhaps you?) have a dream being a lawyer just as I did. I started out casually sharing this information with others to spread the good news until one day friends and family began to suggest I write a book about what I did and how others could do the same. At first I kind of laughed it off, but time and again, well, the idea just kind of took root and thankfully I finally completed The Law School Bible with the hope that others would not have to give up on their dream as I almost did.

Don’t Give Up Your Dream of Becoming a Lawyer

Perhaps you’ve long ago given up any thought of ever becoming an attorney for fear of being seen by your friends and family as a hopeless dreamer. But I say you should never give up on your dreams.Life is too short to always be looking back and having to admit that you settled for something less. I know because I nearly gave up on my dream of being a lawyer. I want you to know that you too can be a lawyer if you want to.

steps-to becomong-a-lawyer

There are many unknown pathways and strategies to becoming a lawyer:


WARNING: There’s A Catch:

Who Should… and Shouldn’t Read The Law School Bible?

Online law school degrees can open the doors of opportunity for anyone who wants to become a lawyer but hasn’t been able to take advantage of traditional law school programs. Be aware that it’s NOT a quick fix or easy path into the legal profession. No one passes a bar exam without hard work and intensive study.

The Law School Bible levels the playing field so you, too, can have a chance to become a lawyer
. If you’re serious about becoming a lawyer and haven’t been able to go the conventional route, The Law School Bible will be an invaluable aid for exploring the landscape of non-traditional legal education. Don’t abandon your dreams – put The Law School Bible to work today.


There are many unknown pathways and strategies in discovering how to become a lawyer:

Despite what you may have been told, there is more than just one way to become a licensed member of the Bar in the United States, and Canada, United Kingdom, Caribbean and most other common law countries in the world.

Please forgive me for saying so, but I think I may already know a little something about you…

LSAT Prep Courses You’ve always wanted to be a lawyer but have not been able to fulfill that dream.

distance learning You want to be a lawyer but your schedule prevents you from attending classes regularly.

california law schools Your GPA is too low and/or you haven’t scored well on your LSAT exams.

Passing the bar exam Your family and work commitments prevent you from attending out-of-town law schools.

baby bar exam You can’t afford the huge student loans necessary for traditional law school education.

Was I pretty close? Well, I’m no mind reader. The only reason I knew is because I was exactly where you are now…

I Know You’ve Been Told There’s Only One Way to Become A lawyer, But Please Keep
An Open Mind As You Read The Following:

Traditional Law School Requirements and How to Become a Lawyer?

Lets Talk About the Cold Hard Facts About the Problems of the Traditional Path of Becoming a Lawyer?

Becoming a lawyer normally requires following a rigid path with so many barriers that are placed in your way.

Did you know, If you fail to get by just one of these problems, you are OUT of the game!

Traditional vs. Online Law Schools:
Traditional Schools Just Wont Give You a Second Chance!

 Yes, its true. You may be more qualified than your school record indicates, but why should an ABA-approved law school believe you or take a chance on you? Chances  are they won’t. They don’t need to, they’ve got a waiting list of qualified applicants. Online Law School Degree Programs: How to become a lawyer?

Or how about this?

The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) – This is a brutal exam that is testing some particular skill level-exactly what, I really don’t know, but it is testing something, I suppose. Sadly, some of the most brilliant students just don’t do well on this type of exam-but no traditional law school will even look at them.

And, what about…

Inflexible Law School Class Schedules Big Problem! There’s a simple solution with online law school degrees.

What you are about to discover is that there really is a way to realize your life-long dream of becoming a lawyer…

You Can Become A Lawyer…Without Ever Leaving Your Home or Office!

Lw School Book

The Ultimate Guide About How to Become a Lawyer Available Anywhere, Offline or on the Web.

What If I Could Show You How You Can Become a
…even if you’ve got a Low GPA and Abysmal LSAT Scores — and been
turned down by every traditional law school!

Would you like to learn:

  • Exactly what is online law school education and how YOU can use it to realize your dream of becoming a lawyer 
  • How YOU can become a lawyer through distance learning law schools and online law school degree without ever setting foot in a law school 
  • How YOU can save thousands of dollars over the cost of a traditional law school education 
  • How YOU can attend state accredited non-ABA approved law schools 
  • How YOU can become a lawyer by working as an apprentice for an attorney 
  • How YOU can attend unaccredited law schools in the United States, for example, online California law schools, and still take the bar examination 
  • How YOU can attend fully accredited foreign law schools and still become an attorney and practice in the United States 
  • How YOU can get admitted to accredited foreign online law schools 
  • How YOU can get into law school… even if you don’t currently have a college degree 
  • How YOU can finance your alternative legal education-including valuable information on grants and scholarships 
  • You’ll get a complete list of nearly every alternative and online law school in the United States and around the world whose graduates are permitted to take the bar examination

Most prospective lawyers get washed out and never reach their dream …but that doesn’t have to be your fate.

Read The Law School Bible Today!


Read the Law School Bible Online – Free  … For a limited-time only


Here’s The Best Part…

 Why should you read The Law School Bible Online Today? I know you might be a little skeptical, but think about this, but I know what I’m talking about! I have dedicated the past fifteen years of my life researching and unraveling the maze of bar admission rules and mastering how alternative legal education can help anyone willing to work hard to get a law degree and become a lawyer.
And, not only do I know every single aspect of alternative and traditional legal education in detail.

… I actually became a licensed attorney by personally using nearly every strategy listed in the Law School Bible. I will teach you how you can do it too!

Let’s get back to you now. You want to be a lawyer right? Well, when you read The Law School Bible you will learn exactly what you need to obtain your juris doctor degree online. And exactly
how to do it!

When You Read The Law School Bible You’re Actually Reading a Road Map on How to Become a Lawyer  with Online Law School Degrees

That’s why I want give you  the Law School Bible onlinev- completely and totally

STOP… Just in Case You Missed this Warning Above, I Can Almost Hear You Thinking
Okay, what’s the catch?

Here’s the Catch: You’re going to have to buckle down and work hard to become a lawyer. No one graduates from law school and passes a bar exam without hard work and intensive study.

But Don’t Ever Give Up On Your Dream.

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Bottom Line: if any of these barriers to becoming a lawyer are killing your dream,
you need to find an alternative plan!

The Law School Bible is based on proven strategies. Combine them with a burning desire to succeed, and you can achieve your goal of becoming a lawyer. Let me show you how!
–Peter J. Loughlin

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Why Not Start Living Your DreamToday?

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